The 30 Day Ab Challenge – Wrap Up

I am a bad blogger – *slaps wrists*

I could insert a ton of excuses about why I failed at the end of the 30 day ab challenge – true say I got overwhelmed with college revision, interview preperation and the unexpected turn of events that was an amazing job offer in London and therefore I neglected you terribly.

And for that, I am sorry!


…there is no finish line.

Fitness is for life. Respecting and challenging your body is something you need to work at and I am hoping that by putting yourself through the challenge of an intensive 30 days, that its made you realise how little time is needed to give your body a quick workout. You don’t need to work those abs daily, you don’t NEED to do 3 hours cardio a day, you don’t NEED to eat ham & eggs and rabbit food in order to feel amazing. Small changes to your long term habits are what is needed to get the body you feel great in; a body that functions at awesome levels because you respect it.

So, with that said, I hope you keep up the working out, incorporate it in to your everyday lifestyle without it becoming a complete mission or chore!

You guys rock! Thank you for coming along for the ride!!

Look out for more challenges in the future; ones that have had a little more preperation before hand so that life doesn’t get in the way! I’m thinking an Assuary ¬†or Assarch?!

Also, if you live in London, look out for a carnival themed bootcamp coming in Spring!!

Loves ya!