10 Things you should know about me at Notting Hill Carnival 2011

1) I may look all goodie two shoes but carnival sunday my alter-ego comes out and I get ON!! Carnival is all about liberation and lawdddd did I feel liberated!

2) I’m a little stush, especially when it comes to non-masqueraders trying to wine up on me. If you ain’t wearing a band tee or I don’t know you….then you may as well not waste your time…unless of course you are a member of the Met….then its ON!! 

3) I am very aware of my shortness, and if by some freak accident I end up on the floor, then I won’t stay there and wait to be jumped on! I WILL DIE!! LOL

4) If you weigh 4x my weight, then I will give you a social wine, but please don’t try and lift me or jam me…I’m too small….I WILL DIE!!

(much more my size lol)

5) I can’t handle my liquor anymore! I do not remember this pic being taken!

6) Saying that, if I pass my cup to you and give you puppy dog eyes, that means I require a Gallimores Rum Punch! Much obliged!

7) I am a complete earth mother! If someone jumps on your foot & cripples you, or you’re laying in a drink induced stupor on the steps of someone’s nice Elgin Crescent steps….I’m your girl!

8) I am costume girl through and through…this year was HARD! Look how I was trying to steal my girls wings on monday!

9) If I give you an “on the side of the truck wine” ot let you lift me then I give you ratings! 

(Sorry no image of that one – yet!)

10) I am a Bachanal Mas girl for life! WHAT A WEEKEND!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COLLECTIVE OF PEOPLE!!!